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The Good Wife

fanworks for the CBS hit series

Fanworks for CBS's new legal drama The Good Wife
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Fanworks: Graphics, Fanfiction, Picspams, Meta & Discussions
The Good Wife
Welcome to the community dedicated to fanworks of CBS's new legal drama The Good Wife.

It is encouraged to post graphics, fanmixes, fanfiction, fanvids, art, picspams and meta/discussions concerning the show, its characters and actors. Please stay on topic! All posts are organised using a tagging system which will make it easier to navigate through the community's content.

Play nice - this is everyone's sandbox. Shipwars and flaming is not allowed. Off-topic posts will be deleted immediately. Message the mod if something is up (spam, flames, missing tags, etc.), and you'll receive a reply as soon as possible.

Enjoy your stay!

Disclaimer: We do not encourage the sharing of copyrighted files. Should members participate and share copyrighted media, we won't be responsible for their actions. The Good Wife and its characters belong to CBS Television Studios, King Size Productions, Scott Free Productions, Small Wishes, and to the creators Michelle and Robert King. No copyright infringement intended.
All fanfics should be placed behind a livejournal cut with a header showing. Headers should include at minimum a title, rating, pairings/characters, summary and any warnings.

We are open to any shipping preferences, Slash or Het. Please tag your story with at least three tags: rating, pairing or character, fanfiction.

Icons and large graphics have to be placed under a livejournal cut. However, it is ok to place up to three teaser icons before the cut.

Fanvids can be posted without a cut when the smallest embedding size is used.

Discussions, meta and picspams are welcome, too. If you refer to articles or interviews, please put a source at the end of your post.

All fanmix and media posts must be locked. Cover art previews have to be smaller than 400px. Use < img src="url" width="400" > to reduce the size.

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